Thursday, February 09, 2006

Updates: Forum, Recording, Jams

Forum: I have a new forum, for the discussion of my music and electronic music in general, it's at:

Recording: Work has begun on my new studio album at last.

As I've been concentrating on improvising it's been a bit of a change trying to do something a bit more organised.

I've booked a couple of days off to do a bit of recording as I never seem to be able to find the time, what with work and life and stuff .

It's not gone so well so far as I'm still suffering from my cold and my concentration isn't so good. The hacking cough doesn't help either.

Have managed to get started though, which is always the biggest hurdle.

Have a very nice spacey intro and some nice analog sequences laid down so far.

Hopefully, now that I've got the ball rolling I'll be able to add to it in due course.

Jams: I've got a couple of jams lined up, tomorrow I'm off to jam with Steve and Dave and Xan of The Omega Syndicate. Should be fun.

Then on the 25th of February Steve and I are off down to Bedford to jam with Brendan Pollard (Rogue Element) and John Sherwood (4m33s, Entity, Cult of Ashand). This should be a very interesting session as we will get to try out some of the vintage gear in the Rogue Element studio